I am an Indian by birth (my great grandfather and his great grandfather was also born in India) as far as my memory goes as heard from my father. I bear a Muslim name, but cannot be identified from my attire.
However, I am a P = P (read as P double bond P) Muslim, hence I am an Indian citizen first and other descriptions follows.
I was brought up reading, memorizing the preamble in the best English medium schools of Calcutta as my mother (who has not seen even the doors of any school, been brought up in a very conservative Muslim family) believed some 5 decades back that English is very much essential for me the youngest of the four siblings (others have gone to vernacular schools). Oh, by the way my father had only one wife, my mother.
Of late I am being bombarded against the word “secular” which is also being recoined in the WhatsApp university as sickular (have I spelt it correctly?)
Is it all secular Indians – sick, or only if you talk or your thoughts are favoured towards Muslims or marginally challenged empathy that you have then only you are being termed in the alternative of secular dogma? The question that needs to answered – Who is sick?
We all know latent heat is always more dangerous than heat at the same temperature.
Is it that seventy years or more of latent heat is being garnered by “THEM” to burn the very threshold of India and its cultures, its brotherhood along with its empathy?
I have never been into politics. My priority has always been how to do well in my career as my parents (especially my mother) left no stones unturned to provide for me with very limited means.
India, I am now made to feel was never secular, other than being in the pages of our constitution. A term coined by the then ruling party to create a vote bank – the game was played for the chairs, to get to it and continue sitting on it. The hidden writings were clear, you keep on voting for us and we will keep you secularly secure.
Brunt of the latent heat was always felt by the Muslims the Dalits and all the marginalized poor, who thought the constitution is formed to take care of us and all like-minded Indians.
“THEY” now have realized that this vote bank is not for “THEM” or better still THEY want to do without us and so instead of “appeasement” THEY thought to bring us under the whip (better still to say bullets and also harassments) under the pretext of religion (so nicely shown by the Britishers, THEIR WELL WISHERS). Even the PM now can identify us by our dresses (luckily enough, I cannot be identified by my dress, or even the language I speak) just before any elections.
Crores of rupees were spent for terms coinages and the best brains were purchased by “THEM” to get to the job to prove that other than “THEM”, or who so ever does not follow their ideology are traitors, anti-Indians / India haters, with nicely coined and made to believe tag lines. THEIR created punch lines were right on targets.
Just as the world war II was started from a radio station with a false announcement by identification of dress (purposefully worn) to mislead people to war.
Names like tukde – tukde gang and currently other marketable but not acceptable names are being coined on a regular basis to demean and humiliate who ever thought of progress / have the audacity to ask questions on the WHY’s and also future of India? – other than being a Hindu rashtrya. All Muslims along with all progressive thinking Indians personally have no objections as long as India becomes the SUPER POWER. But on the contrary, we will have definite objections if this move leaves our children begging outside temples (as by then there will be no mosques left), after the lopsided judgement by the judiciary on the Babri masjid.
THEY don’t have any issues where Muslim voters are less than 18 – 20 %, THEY are threatened where ever it is more than this ratio and feel the dangers of being oust out of power.
THEY do not want to tread the path of their predecessors who were in power for more than seventy long years, who followed the appeasement paths of getting votes rather than the holistic development of their vote banks, who were so loyal to them since independence, when something parallel was always created for their loyal voters but they were never allowed into the mainstream.
THEY ARE IN A HURRY, now THEY have tasted blood, one after other states are falling like pack of cards THEIR strategy and punch lines are not only working wonders but also bearing fruits. It’s a democracy you know. Everything should be strategized democratically, right from demonetization to the farmers’ bill.
THEY thought that they can preach against the 18 -20% and hoot them out with fear of racial killings and lynching.
Yes, THEY were successful till now. But for how long? – As long as the 18-20% can be broken by none others but their own brethren.
As long as the so-called secular at heart people can also be frightened not to speak up, as long as the sickular fear that secularism will be termed as Muslim appeasers and voted out of power.
In any way they are already being beaten hands down on all fronts so nothing more to fear about.
In the past 5 years the very structure of India was shaken by “THEM” under the pretext of religion and zeroing on secular people as “sickular”, so that no body is able to be united for a cause (the NEED of the hour) for the next 50 plus years.
Let us now coin a term against this notion of sick-ular
As I part let me tell my readers who has taken the pain to read this far what is P = P means to me. It stands for PROGRESSIVE & PRACTICING religion which is bonded together with progress, let religion be not the opium for the poor. Let religion be the power to question for Progress, which ever religion one practices but should unite to form a progressive India and the Future Super Power to reckon with and not only be myopic and think from election to election to cling on to power. Let there be also Progressive and Practicing Hindus, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, and all other religion which you can name and India has it. Let us unite for a cause and save our motherland to make it a safe, secure and progressive place for our children, leave aside the colour of the flag they may carry or the dress they wear or better still the food they eat, or the religion they belong to.
Let us unite for a cause – to stop our Bharat mata slip down to the medieval age under the supervision of fictitious and made to believe hand of god.
Till then let us all be in hallucination of an Accha Din. !!!

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