Koderma: District officials including DC Ramesh Gholap bought clay worth Rs. One lakh from skilled potter artisans.

By distributing education equally among children, he said, ‘The darkness of poverty in life can be overcome only by lighting the lamp of education’.

Earthen lamps made by local skilled potter brothers of Koderma on the occasion of Diwali today are home to district officials and workers including DC Ramesh Gholap, DDC R Ronita, Director DRDA, Additional Collector, SDO Manish Kumar. Go and buy.

The Deputy Commissioner said that, Diwali is a festival of diyas. The lamp symbolizes the removal of darkness from the light. In this festival buy clay lamps from such poor people so that their Diwali is also lit. The Deputy Commissioner asked the artisans who do not have houses or have been damaged in the rain to submit applications for getting accommodation.

Widow pension, ration card and artisans under the government scheme were immediately directed to give a loan of ten thousand rupees on a meager interest.

The Deputy Commissioner and the present officials advised children to read diligently while distributing educational material like books, notebooks, pencils, pens etc. and said that, “The darkness of poverty in life can be overcome only by lighting the lamp of education.”

DC has also appealed to the district residents to buy the lamps made by these hard working and skilled poor families instead of buying plastic lamps.

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