Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan today said that the COVID 19 vaccine will be free across India. The Health Minister was visiting hospitals in Delhi to review the dry run drill for administering COVID-19 vaccine. He appealed to the people not to be misguided by rumours regarding safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

He said government will not compromise on any protocol before approving a vaccine. The Minister pointed out that vaccine hesitancy was an issue even at the start of polio immunisation drive but Polio Inoculation turned out to be a huge success, saving mankind.

He said guidelines for today’s nationwide dry run have been updated based on the feedback from the insightful pilot dry run held in 4 states. He added that except for giving actual vaccine, every procedure is being followed during the drill.

The Minister added that around two thousand Master Trainers have been prepared for the vaccination. He said health workers have also been trained in all states and union territories for administration of the vaccine.

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